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  • Hackley School Spray Fireproofing
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    What is Spray Fireproofing?

    Spray Applied Fireproofing The technical name for Spray Applied Fireproofing is Sprayed Fire-Resistive Material (SFRM). It is used as part of a building’s passive fireproofing strategy. Spray applied fireproofing has thermal and…

  • Intumescent Orange Peel Finish
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    What is Intumescent Paint?

    Intumescent Paint Intumescent coatings, often referred to as intumescent paint, are used in buildings as a passive fire resistance measure. They can be applied to structural members as an aesthetically pleasing fireproofing…

  • Building Construction Types
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    Fireproofing and Construction Types

    Fireproofing thickness is dictated by a variety of factors, mainly the size of the steel being protected, the product being installed, and the required hourly rating. This required hourly rating of a…

  • Westchester Medical Center - Spray Fireproofing
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    Methods for Fireproofing Structural Steel

    Many building codes require fireproofing protection to structural steel as a safety precaution. The most common way to provide such protection in the U.S. is by spraying low-density fiber or cementitious compounds,…