Lowes Yorktown

Motel Demolition

To make way for a new Lowes hardware store this project required demolition of 9 structures totaling more than 45,000-square-feet of complete building removal. Specialty Trades was contracted to provide demolition and waste removal services which included removal of all footings and sub-surface structure.

 “a significant project to the town, significant potential for revenue for the town.”

– llan Gilbert, Town Supervisor

The new 124,000-square-foot Lowes is slated to open in 2019 and will be the anchor is a development that will also host additional space for restaurants and other retail outlets. The Yorktown location will be Westchester County’s second Lowe’s. The first one, a smaller 70,000-square-foot store, opened last year in Yonkers, at Westchester’s Ridge Hill shopping center.


  • $300,000


  • V.A. Spatz & Sons Inc.


  • Building Demolition


  • Yorktown, NY