Sunrise of Huntington

Senior Living

The recent boom in demand for senior housing has led to a sharp rise in the development of large luxury senior housing compounds. Leading this charge to provide quality living for the aging population is Sunrise Senior Living, One of the largest owners and operators of these buildings, Sunrise expects prompt delivery from its contractors and their subs.

“The best senior living has yet to be invented.”

Paul Klaassen, Founder of Sunrise

E.W. Howell was chosen as the general contractor in charge of completing the construction of this Sunrise project. Specialty Trades Contracting was chosen to install the passive fire resistive material on the structural steel throughout this project. In case of a fire this preventative building element can give residents the much needed extra time to vacate the building.


  • $100,000


  • E.W. Howell


  • Fireproofing


  • Huntington Station, NY