Westchester Medical Center

Ambulatory Care Pavilion

Work Started on the Ambulatory Care Pavilion project at Westchester Medical Center in late 2016. The $230 Million dollar project involves the building of a new 8-story tower which will house 48 private patient rooms, a 15,000-square-foot imaging center, 10,000-square-foot Ambulatory surgery center and an additional 75,000-square-foot of physicians offices.  

“Our perspective in life is not to take patients and move them out of the Hudson Valley, Our perspective is to make the regions within our network strong.” – Michael Israel, President and CEO of WMCHealth

Specialty Trades Contracting was hired by Skanska USA to provide multi subcontractor scopes for this project.

Prior to commencement of the new building Specialty Trades was contracted to demolish existing structures to make way for the new construction, this demolition work continued into the building process and included precision breakthroughs into occupied areas to join the new building with the existing one.

The spray applied fireproofing package which consisted on installation of over 12,000 bags of CAFCO 400 onto the structural frame along with 3 inches of closed cell spray insulation on all exterior precast panels was completed by Specialty Trades in early 2018. 

As on any responsible construction project, safety is a main concern. To insure the safety throughout the life of the project Specialty Trades was contracted to provide all OSHA protection on the job site. 


  • $3,550,000


  • Skanska USA


  • Fireproofing, Spray Foam, Demolition, GC Carpentry


  • Valhalla, NY