Woodbury Common

Multiple Demolitions

The Woodbury Common premium shopping outlets is centrally located about one hour outside New York City. This 220 outlet complex boasts more than 800,000 SF of retail space and is home to some of the worlds most well known brands. Orange County officials sometimes refer to Woodbury Common as the county’s cash cow as the sales tax collected on the clothing and footwear sold at the center, even after recent reductions by the state, provides a significant portion of the county’s revenue. The center is also a significant part of the local property tax base, particularly for the Monroe-Woodbury Central School District.

As part of the most recent round of improvements Specialty Trades was contracted to provide Demolition services for various projects within the Woodbury Common, Due to the high level of foot traffic much of this work needed to be completed during the off hours at night. These projects ranged from interior strip outs, to complete building demolitions such as the case with the old food court. Through our reliability and consistent performed Specialty Trades has become the go-to Demolition contractor for this property.


  • $875,000


  • Holt Construction


  • Building Demolition / Interior Demolition


  • Central Valley, NY