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While demolition may seem like a wild job that’s all about making things implode and come crumbling down, those in the construction industry know it’s a task that requires uncompromising attention and precision. At Specialty Trades Contracting we have the training, skills and experience to provide the most careful planning and the most exacting demolitions.

We provide everything from selective or interior demolition to prepare structures for renovation to complete building strip-outs and structure demolition. We even have extensive experience performing selective demolitions in active healthcare facilities, always carefully adhering to ICRA guidelines for infection control.

The value of experience in demolition

The STC team boasts decades of combined experience in performing controlled demolitions. Our skilled personnel are adept at working around sensitive operations without disruption while continuously working to protect the health and safety of all workers as well as the facility’s occupants. We have the flexibility and agility to perform your demolitions on your schedule, and the experience to ensure each demolition goes off exactly as planned without posing any risk to anyone or interrupting operations.

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Interior Demolition
Interior / Selective

Interior or selective demolition is a major component of many renovations, and special care has to be taken to maintain the integrity of the building and protect the health and safety of workers and occupants. We have the experience needed for these precision demolitions.

Motel Demolition
Structure Demolition

To prepare a site for new construction, Specialty Trades Contracting offers complete or partial building demolition services. This includes the removal of all building structures, foundations and footings as well as recycling and salvage.

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Healthcare Demolition

With extensive experience performing high profile demolition projects inside active healthcare settings, Specialty Trades brings a unique level of attention to these projects and their potential to impact hospital operations.

Interior demolition from demolition specialists

Interior demolition must always be performed by a fully licensed and insured demolition contractor or demolition company. Further, these precise demolitions should always be performed by a company that specializes in interior demolition like Specialty Trades Contracting. General construction and demolition knowledge and experience simply isn’t enough to maintain the integrity of the building, control dust and protect workers, occupants and pedestrians during interior or selective demolitions.

There are many complex tasks and factors associated with this type of demolition. Factors that require a specialist’s consideration include: methods of removing material, proper ventilation, noise pollution, and infection control. All of these tasks must be carried out by trained interior demolition professionals to ensure a safe and accident-free demolition project. Specialty Trades has years of experience in a wide range of selective demolition practices, everything from precision removals to complete interior strip outs. STC can safely service demolition jobs of every size to rework floor plans, repurpose buildings, and help make your project happen.

Environmentally conscious demolition

In our current age of environmental awareness it’s important you have a demolition contractor that is knowledgeable of material with salvage or recycling value. Any material that can be diverted from our overcrowding landfills by salvaging and reselling or recycling for profit not only benefits our environment, but it also saves you money. This is especially important with interior demolition since the material is largely demolished using human labor and not machines which makes it easier to keep valuable material in good, resellable shape and also makes it easier to sort recyclable materials.

Safe and rapid structure demolition

For as crazy as a full structure demolition can sometimes look, structure demolition specialists like Specialty Trades Contracting know just how controlled and choreographed those tear downs actually are. With our decades of experience in demolition, we are capable of demolishing even the largest industrial or commercial spaces safely, securely and quickly.

Our team has extensive training in identifying any possible demolition hazards. This can include asbestos, gas pipes, electrical wires, surrounding or adjoining buildings, and pedestrian areas. We’re also extensively trained in salvage and recycling. From removing materials before the tear down, to razing the building, removing the foundation, recycling, disposal and clean-up, we’re the experts you need for every phase of your structure demolition.

Structure demolition specialists

Demolishing a structure is often one of the first steps when it comes to a new commercial project, which means it’s often one of the first steps when it comes to bringing a plan to life or making a dream come true. On behalf of our clients, we always treat the structures and properties in question with the utmost respect, and we work tirelessly to ensure the health and safety of all workers, pedestrians, and occupants of nearby buildings. We have the experienced professionals that know how to keep a structure demolition tightly controlled and contained and make sure it goes off exactly according to plan.

Healthcare demolition

To be sure, every demolition job requires uncompromising attention and care to ensure the safety of everyone involved and anyone nearby. However, demolition jobs in active healthcare facilities require an absolutely unsurpassable level of planning and forethought. This is one of the most critical environments in which a demolition can take place, and only the most experienced specialists can be trusted with this task.

At Specialty Trades Contracting we have the specialized healthcare facility demolition experience and knowledge to ensure your project will be completed soundly and safely with no adverse effects on patients and employees and minimal interruption to operations. We are the trusted choice.

Specialized demolition for healthcare facilities

We have a thorough understanding of ICRA or Infection Control Risk Assessment guidelines for demolition and renovation projects in active healthcare facilities and we always carefully follow these procedures. With our extensive experience in high-profile healthcare demolition projects we also have the experience to know that only the most comprehensive plan that accounts for any and all unexpected developments will do for these facilities. We know the importance of setting up critical barriers around the work site before any work is done, and we have the training to identify common sites for microbial growth. With STC healthcare demolition, you can be sure the facility’s patients and employees will never be exposed to risky microbes as a result of our demolition work. We are simply too experienced in this particular demolition niche for that to ever be allowed to happen.

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