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Environmental Construction Solutions

It’s no secret that renovations and retrofits can be complicated, and the myriad health and safety concerns that accompany old building materials and damp or mold-prone conditions make them even more difficult. In all but the most experienced, knowledgeable and trained hands, materials like asbestos and lead can lead to disaster.

That’s why our environmental construction services team is comprised of certified supervisors and highly trained technicians with extensive experience in high risk projects in even the most sensitive of facilities, including active healthcare facilities and offices.

Thee trusted environmental remediation firm

Specialty Trades Contracting has spent years earning respect and building our reputation for excellence in environmental construction services, and we’re proud to say we’re regularly contracted by general contracting companies working to eliminate pollutants, contaminants and hazardous materials. We work tirelessly to protect the public and the environment from the many hazards present in far too many buildings. We have the training to know how to find and identify harmful materials and substances, and the expertise and experience to deal with them safely.

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Asbestos Abatement
Asbestos Abatement

Proper abatement of asbestos containing materials is required prior the remodel of almost any building built prior to 1973. Specialty Trades Contracting provides abatement services for commercial construction projects of all scopes and sizes.

Lead Abatement
Lead Abatement

Lead coatings are present on many steel or concrete structural members, which can present a challenge for renovations and demolitions. Prior to cutting these structural members, we carefully remove the lead coatings in order to make these commercial projects infinitely safer.

Mold Removal Remediation Specialty Trades
Microbial (Mold) Remediation

Indoor air quality issues are unfortunately becoming increasingly prevalent, which means the need for trained and talented microbial or mold remediation technicians is growing. Our technicians are highly trained and vastly experienced in mold remediation for commercial projects.

The necessity of asbestos abatement

What we now know is a carcinogen that causes roughly half of all occupational cancers was unfortunately once a widespread building material. As such, virtually every building erected prior to 1973 requires careful asbestos abatement for remodels, renovations, or demolitions.

Specialty Trades Contracting takes the health and safety of its workers seriously, as well as the health and safety of a building’s occupants or neighbors. That’s why our project managers and field staff are all knowledgeable and trained in the latest best practices for asbestos abatement and removal and why each and every asbestos abatement project is performed with strict adherence to the guidelines set forth by governing agencies, very much including the New York State Code Rule 56.

Asbestos abatement in commercial building projects

We have the knowledge to determine if your project is best suited to complete asbestos removal, enclosure or encapsulation. We also have the experience to ensure that all levels of abatement are completed with the highest possible standards and that disposal of the hazardous materials is done safely and in complete compliance with all regulations. We’re capable of performing asbestos abatement in even the most sensitive of environments, such as working offices, and we’ve earned praise from clients for working around computer stations, telecommunications equipment, and financial systems.

Lead abatement in commercial buildings

Though lead paint in residential and school buildings has long been cited as a significant problem, lead paint in commercial and industrial settings hasn’t garnered nearly as much attention even though it’s shockingly pervasive. Lead remediation needs to become a priority in the industrial and commercial sectors, and trained technicians like the ones on our team at STC need to lead the way when it comes to eliminating this hazard.

Experience in lead remediation

Health and safety is always our number one priority at Specialty Trades Contracting, and that’s reflected in every component of our lead remediation process. We have certified supervisors, thoroughly trained abatement technicians, state of the art equipment, and an unwavering dedication to complying with USEPA and OSHA guidelines.

Our removal methods include high pressure washing, abrasive blasting, vacuum blasting, and using chemical strip shrouded power tools. We also employ the best in HEPA vacuums, dust collectors, air monitors, grit reclassifiers and decontamination units, amongst other leading equipment. Commercial lead abatement is a serious issue that requires serious training and experience. To ensure the safety of your lead abatement project in New York, northern New Jersey Connecticut, eastern Pennsylvania or Massachusetts, contact the experts at STC.

Commercial mold remediation

A mold problem in a commercial property can lead to serious issues for the owner. Whether those issues are merely related to business interruptions or the mold ends up causing health issues in occupants or visitors, the consequences can be costly.

That’s why the Specialty Trades Contracting team has certified supervisors and highly trained technicians dedicated to quick, safe and thorough mold remediation.

Getting to the root of mold problems

Not only do mold or microbial issues have the potential to cause serious air quality issues and illnesses in people, but the presence of mold can also degrade building materials. Further, mold also tends to indicate significant moisture-related issues in a building, such as slow leaks, loose plumbing fixtures and unusually high levels of moisture. We work to remove mold while we also work to uncover the source of the mold issue to ensure the problem does not recur.

Our specialists stay on top of the newest and most effective microbial remediation methods as well as all applicable regulations and guidelines. When your commercial property has a mold problem in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, eastern Pennsylvania or northern New Jersey, we’re the mold remediation professionals you need.

Commercial PCB removal

Polychlorinated biphenyl or PCB is a man-made chemical that was all too commonly used in building for a number of decades. It was added to everything from sealing and caulking compounds to coolants and lubricants, cutting oils and paint additives. Its most common use was as an insulating fluid in transformers. Not only do PCBs not break down in the environment and instead leach into soil and water to then be consumed and work their way up the food chain, but PCBs have also been found to be highly carcinogenic.

This widespread use of PCBs has led to a major problem that the construction industry is still grappling with today. In order to ensure the healthy and safety of a building’s occupants, PCB chemicals need to be safely removed from the building. That’s where Specialty Trades Contracting comes in.

Safe PCB removal and destruction

At STC we offer a comprehensive PCB testing, collection, removal and destruction process that works to ensure the safety of a building’s occupants while also protecting our own workers from these harmful chemicals. We have extensive experience in PCB removal and we strictly adhere to all applicable guidelines and regulations when dealing with these materials.

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