Value engineered fireproofing options for commercial projects of every size

Commercial Fireproofing

Specialty Trades Contracting offers turnkey fireproofing packages for commercial projects of all sizes. From initial project design to final warranty, our team supports our clients through every phase of a project. STC has extensive experience in the installation of all types of commercial fire resistive materials and can identify and select all appropriate UL designs for code compliant building assemblies. Our team brings a value engineered approach to ensure cost effective solutions that meet all minimum fire test standards.

Fireproofing that fits your schedule

With extensive experience in commercial builds, the management of Specialty Trades Contracting LLC understands that a strict adherence to completion schedules is critical to the overall success of a project. To that end, we’ve adopted a working methodology that allows the company flexibility in addressing problematic scheduling or sequencing issues. While other contractors may be delayed by issues like inclement weather or the failure to obtain clean air in retrofit projects, Specialty Trades Contracting is prepared to work around these issues. We can provide crews for night work, and multiple crews for 24-hour tasking and weekend work. Quite often, it is this flexibility that allows us to get projects on track and keep them there. Your schedule, your budget, our Specialty. Get in touch to find out why our fireproofing is right for your project in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, eastern Pennsylvania or northern New Jersey.

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Westchester Medical Center - Spray Fireproofing
Spray Applied

As one of the most common and cost-effective fireproofing methods, Specialty Trades Contracting has decades of experience in spray applied fireproofing, making us the best choice for your commercial spray applied fireproofing project.

Intumescent Paint

We know that when it comes to many commercial projects, appearance and aesthetics can be just as important as function when it comes to fireproofing, for this reason we offer intumescent paint fireproofing.

Ridgid Board Fire Protection
Board Fireproofing

If you’re struggling with your commercial project’s schedule, out of sequence construction phases, space constraints or freezing temperatures, we can get your fireproofing work done on time using board fireproofing.

Spray Applied Fireproofing

The most common method of fireproofing structural steel is spray applied fireproofing, which involves the installation of cementitious or fiber fireproofing materials. Different types of Spray Fire Resistive Material (SFRM) of course have distinct characteristics and advantages, and Specialty Trades will determine which product best suits your project using IBC building types and UL Designs.

Traditionally SFRMs have been divided into three distinct density product groups:

Low, or commercial density (15-21 pcf)

Low density SFRMs often provide higher yields and have faster coverage rates when compared with medium density products, which can reduce cost – an important consideration for many projects. However, low density products can flake away over time if they are exposed to contact from people, equipment, and even moving air so at Specialty Trades we recommend they only be used when they will be covered or protected.

Medium density (22-39 pcf)

Generally contains a binder made from cement or a mixture of gypsum and cement. This provides a much more stable product that can withstand air movement and minor bumps and scrapes. Medium density fireproofing can be used in an exposed condition,but shouldn’t be used where contact by humans or equipment is possible.

High density (over 39 pcf)

SFRM is usually made with a cement binder, which provides the hardest fireproofing product. We tend to use high density spray fire resistive materials in mechanical rooms and parking garages since it can withstand bumps and scrapes better than lower densities.

Intumescent fireproofing

The most common use for intumescent paint is to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish on exposed structural steel members while preventing the failure of those essential structures in the event of a fire.
Typical spray applied fireproofing provides a thick and spongey surface that requires a finished surround to hide and protect the steel member. Intumescent paint provides the same level of protection in a coating that looks like a thin layer of paint, albeit one that is capable of expanding when exposed to the high heat of a fire, keeping these extreme temperatures away from structural members.

Intumescent coatings are also used on structural members made of wood. For wood, the protection is not as much about the heat, but more about stopping the spread of flame and smoke. An intumescent coating can be applied to provide a rating on the wood member, but only if a painted look is acceptable. If a natural wood look is preferred, intumescent coatings are not what we would recommend.

Interior and exterior intumescent fireproof coatings

Our intumescent fireproofing is available for both interior and exterior surfaces. With these coatings not only do we work to provide your sought-after aesthetic, but we also carefully take into account all applicable codes and insurance requirements for your project. To effectively fireproof structural members, Specialty Trades Contracting applies the paint product to the steel or wood in layers as needed to generate the thickness that corresponds to the level of protection mandated by the building code. For the final layer of intumescent paint, we mix it with pigments that provide the desired finish color.

Board fireproofing

Rigid Board Fire Resistive Materials are sturdy, mineral wool boards that we fasten mechanically to columns, beams, and metal decking in order to meet hourly fire rating requirements. Board Fire Protection is typically more expensive and overall it can take longer to install than some of the other fireproofing methods we use, but in certain conditions it’s the optimal choice, providing a good alternative to other SFRMs.

Board fireproofing for commercial builds

We also use board fireproofing to overcome challenges related to freezing temperatures, substrate conditions, space constraints, and in areas where the introduction of water required for a spray fireproofing operation would be suboptimal. Board fireproofing is just one of the ways Specialty Trades Contracting uses our flexibility to work around your schedule and construction phases to get the job done on time. If you have a commercial build in New York, Connecticut, northern New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania or Massachusetts that requires a flexible fireproofing solution, get in touch with us today.

Board Fireproofing
Rigid Board Fireproofing

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