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Value engineered spray foam options for commercial projects of every size.

Spray foam for commercial builds

For those in the know in the construction industry, there isn’t much that can outperform spray foam insulation, otherwise known as polyurethane foam. For new construction, retrofits and renovations, spray foam has simply emerged as the best insulation choice, and at Specialty Trades Contracting we have the experience necessary to quickly and flawlessly apply this superior insulation solution.

We work to make sure your space is completely coated, with every opening and hole entirely sealed, including those hard to reach crevices. We can rapidly insulate even huge and expansive areas, providing uniform coverage in your buildings. Our precise and proper installation is what ensures your spray foam insulation will deliver on its many potential advantages.

Benefits of spray foam insulation

Applied correctly, spray foam insulation provides complete coverage that’s impenetrable to air and moisture to deliver the highest possible R-value rating, significantly improve energy efficiency and reduce utility bills, improve air quality and circulation, and enable HVAC equipment to perform as efficiently as possible.

If you have a commercial project in need of insulation in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, eastern Pennsylvania or northern New Jersey, be sure to contact Specialized Trades Contracting, the spray foam insulation experts.

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Closed Cell Spray Foam
Closed Cell

The most robust spray foam insulation available. With the proper application made possible by our experienced insulation specialists, your build will reap all the benefits of this high-quality insulation – increased energy efficiency, lower utility bills, and maximum comfort and air quality, to name a few.

Open Cell Spray Foam
Open Cell

Though less dense than closed cell spray foam insulation, there are plenty of times when open cell spray foam is the right choice, and our experienced and knowledgeable professionals can help you make that call and save money on your project with this cost-effective insulation solution.

Commercial Spray Foam
Commercial Application

When you have a commercial build, you need your insulation done right, done quickly, and done on your schedule. At STC we’re here to make sure your project stays on time and on budget with our expert spray foam application that provides flawless uniform coverage.

Closed cell spray foam insulation

Of the two types of spray foam insulation – closed cell and open cell – closed cell is the higher density of the two and features a more compact structure. It has a density of about 2 lbs per square foot and an R-value of up to 6.5 per installed inch. It’s fully water resistant and provides a high performance air and vapor barrier. Closed cell spray foam insulation is tremendously effective in the climates we typically deal with in the northeast, though of course there are scenarios where open cell spray foam insulation may be ideal. If you aren’t sure what’s best for your project, our experts can guide you in your decision making process.

Closed cell insulation for insulation anywhere

While we generally recommend that open cell spray foam insulation be reserved for interior spaces, closed cell spray foam can be used anywhere you require insulation – in interiors, exteriors, even in the ground. It’s so impenetrable it doesn’t require a separate vapor barrier to protect against moisture. When applied correctly, closed cell spray foam insulation is an air barrier, vapor barrier, moisture barrier and thermal insulator that provides maximum indoor comfort as well as air quality.
For all your high quality closed cell spray foam insulation needs, contact STC, the company with all the experience to get the job done quickly and flawlessly, on time and in budget.

Open cell spray foam insulation

Compared to closed cell spray foam insulation, open cell spray foam is known for being less dense, coming in around 0.5 lb/ft³. It’s impermeable to air and can be semi-permeable to moisture, providing an R value of about 3.5 per installed inch. While it’s known for being more common in warmer climates, there are plenty of spaces in which open cell spray foam is an optimal solution and closed cell would be an unnecessary expense. This is where our decades of experience and expertise come in handy, as we can guide you towards the solution that will provide the insulation you need at a price that fits in your budget.

Cost-effective open cell insulation

Because of its reduced density, open cell spray foam is less expensive than its closed cell counterpart. It’s a cost-efficient option for many interior walls and because of its expansion (three inches versus the one inch expansion of closed cell foam) it’s a good option for completely covering hard to reach areas that might otherwise be prone to small gaps.
Open cell insulation expands to create a thicker layer than closed cell spray foam and it requires a separate vapor barrier to make it impermeable to moisture. This is what makes getting professional, specialized installation so important, and what makes our extensive experience so valuable. Contact us today to discuss your insulation needs in New York, eastern Pennsylvania, northern New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Spray foam insulation for commercial projects

Given the size of the buildings, the strict and aggressive schedules, and the space constraints involved in many commercial building or renovation projects, spray foam insulation installation can be fraught with challenges when it’s put in the wrong hands. To ensure the success of your project, make sure you’re putting it in the right hands. Specialty Trades Contracting has extensive experience in insulating commercial buildings, as well as in navigating the realities of a commercial build. With a flexible workforce and specialists capable of quick, quality installations, we provide the insulation solutions your project needs.

Expert installation of spray foam insulation

Over the years we’ve earned a strong reputation for excellence in commercial projects, and we don’t take our reputation lightly. When you work with Specialty Trades Contracting you can be sure you’re working with trusted, experienced professionals who respect your project, your time and your budget. Our insulation specialists are the best in the business and will provide you with the highest quality installation.
When you know you can’t afford the issues that can stem from subpar insulation application on your commercial project, trust the experts with the experience. Contact us at STC today for projects in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, eastern Pennsylvania and northern New Jersey.

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